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The LCD TV has very poor speakers (SONY 32" D3000). Do you think it's a good idea to replace them with speakers ment for pc?

I was planning to buy some Logitech 2.1 serie, for example Z2300 THX for the tv.

I don't want to spend huge amount of money for amplimafier + speakers, and 2.1 is good for me instead of 5.1.

Anybody has experience or recommendations about such setup?

eric pisch

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with speakers etc you generally get what you pay for

and dont dismiss 5.1 sound it really adds a huge amount to the experience of film watching

there are some good kits out there for a few hundred pounds, how much where you thinking of spending, if you dont want to spend alot theres some really good bargins on ebay as well


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Continuing what Eric said, if you are just watching TV and want improved sound they a GOOD set of computer speakers will work OK.

My next question is, do you already have a decent stereo. I connect the audio outs (RCA plugs, not headphones or speaker outs) to my stereo and play all my TV through it. It sounds first rate.

Again, regarding the self-powered computer speakers. You need to use reasonably good speakers, otherwise you are just duplicating the crappy speakers and amp you already have. I would say you need to spend between US$40 and US$100 (half that for British pounds then add VAT).

The speakers you suggest Logitech 2.1 serie, Z2300 THX seem very reasonable for the job. Creative Labs also make similar speakers in the same price range. (Creative I-Trigue L3800 2.1, Creative I-Trigue 3600 2.1).

If you already have decent speakers on your computer, try moving them to your stereo as a test. You can either connect them to the headphone jack of the TV, or to the audio out jacks. You'll need to by the proper cables to accomplish this.

If you like what you hear, then decide how much you are willing to spend and investigate what that will buy you.


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