Better Scart Lead?


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I'm just wondering if I will notice any difference using a higher quality scart cable than the one supplied with my box. I'm pleased with the picture quality, but I'd like to squeeze some more out of it if possible.

I'm using a Hyundai A321 and the thomson sky box that looks like the HD one but in white.




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I just got talked into buying expensive scart and componant video/audio leads by "monster" at comet (yet to connect), but 3 staff members all swore they would make a definite improvement (hoping not just a sales pitch) they sounded very convincing with their descriptions as to how leads are made and why some are better than others. I can return them if not satisfied.


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hi mate
yes agood quality scart lead makes all the difference. i couldn't believe the improvement in picture quality on NTL, and i'm only using a belkin which is only mid quality.
you say that your using the new thomson box, did you get that on a new installation as i get SKY installed next week and like the look of these boxes.
thanks russ


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Thanks for the replies. I think I'll order a cable today.

The Sky box came with my installation (about 3 weeks ago now). The box is great, not problems at all.

I'll let you know if I notice any improvment with a decent cable.



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Hi Oliver.

It's a bit of a can of worms, talking about whether cables make a difference.

Some say they do, others will shoot you down in flames for merely hinting that a length of wire "improves" things.

I was in the industry for many years, and feel that cables (audio, scart etc) do make a difference - although it is true a cable can't improve things, some do degrade the signal less than others.

In fact THX (not unknown in the AV community) have a range of tested and approved cables - coincidentally made by "Monster"


You are in the perfect position, and what we used to do in the trade. Offer the customer the chance to try them, with no pressure and no obligation.

That way, any differences you see (or hear) means you can be happy in the knowledge that YOU can detect them. If you can tell the difference, then keep the cables. If you can't, then return them and put the money towards DVD's.

My experience is that you will end up keeping the cables (and, unfortunately be left wondering about what would have happened if you upgrade to.......)

Ahhhh it's a wonderful hobby.



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Hi Karma, I am going to try the leads out this afternoon, being in the trade maybe you can advise what cables go where, I am going to run componant audio/video leads from DVD recorder to TV, where do I run my scarts? I have a sky box. Steve


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As an installer I can honestly say that I rarely see any difference in the quality of picture between the cable sky supply and say 40quid gold whatever one. Obviously a sales assistant will say yes it does! The only real benefit tends to be that they stay in one peice longer than the cheaper ones.
Cheers, Franc


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IXOS scarts are meant to be among the best. I have 2 IXOS XHT 601 scarts. I must say I can't see much difference in picture quality over my old scart leads. £60 could have been spend on something more worthwhile

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