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Better safeguards from UK PC bitz suppliers

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Chris Muriel, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Chris Muriel

    Chris Muriel
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    Jun 14, 2002
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    Found this in my (work related) Newsfeeds today....

    UK Government/ Computer companies warned over unfair contracts and sales methods
    Source: M2 PRESSWIRE

    M2 PRESSWIRE via NewsEdge Corporation : Consumers who buy computers from Micro Anvika Ltd will get a fairer deal, following action by the OFT.
    The company has given undertakings that it will stop using unfair terms in its consumer contract and will abide by distance selling laws. It has also promised to revise its terms to remove the unfairness. This follows a complaint by their local Trading Standards Department. It has undertaken not to: - exclude liability for defective or misdescribed goods by requiring consumers to inspect the goods and notify faults within a very short time - exclude liability for mistakes or inaccuracies on its website - exclude or limit liability for defective software - have a term allowing them to vary the price and specification of goods - provide confusing information about delivery charges - restrict consumer cancellation rights.

    A number of other companies have given undertakings and stopped using unfair terms (see Note 1). The OFT is also currently looking at around ten other computer companies that may be breaching unfair contract or distance selling laws.

    In its report on Consumer IT goods and services in December 2002 the OFT said it would produce specific guidance to the IT sector on unfair contract terms and distance selling laws by September 2003.

    John Vickers, OFT Chairman, said: 'Terms in contracts must be both clear and fair, and consumers must not be denied the extra rights they have if they buy by mail order or on the net.'


    1. Eleven other companies have also given undertakings to the OFT to not rely on unfair terms. These companies have also ceased to use unfair terms by either withdrawing the contract or revising the terms in their contracts:

    -- Mesh Computers Plc -- Aire Valley Computers -- Dabs Direct plc -- First Micronics Limited -- Mr P Hollis t/a Holtronix Computer Services -- Lasertek Computer Systems -- Mad Macs Limited --- RDC -- Spot On Computers Limited -- Watford Electronics Limited -- Scan Computers International Limited

    Chris Muriel, Manchester.

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