better on 360?


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Can we expect any improvements with current xbox games, like say, framerate issues if we play them on the 360?

Bullet Theory

Well I know that if you play PS1 games on the PS2, they are slightly better (itll be the same with PS2 games on PS3) so maybe XBox will add it to Xbox360, here's hoping anyway


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i was extremely disappointed with the ps1 emulation on ps2. Especially since the superb bleemcast and PC emulators out there did a better job. I only play my ps1 games (all originals) on pc (via epsxe emulator) as the graphics look xcellent. The crazy thing is the ps2 has enough grunt to spruce up ps1 graphics.
Now i doubt 360 will do much to improve the look of xbox games tho we uk user may at least be able to see the games in a higher resolution now.


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I thought the resolution of xbox games would be improved on the 360. I'm sure i read that somewhere. As for PS2. It actually has a PSone chip in it, thats why there isn't much improvment.

Jazz Monkey Jr

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The gfx should look better, as I think it will use anti-alaising to smooth off jaggies and it should be a smoother framerate.


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You can get HD from a pal xbox but only after using the splinter cell/xkey thingy, will the 360 play old xbox games in HD as standard?

Doctor Hades

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As someone said above I think all Xbox games will have 4x anti-aliasing to smooth out the jaggies but I doubt they'll run at resolutions any different from what they do now so Halo will still only be 480p and Amped 2 will still run in 720p.

The framerates will be the same too perhaps will less evident slowdown where it exists on the Xbox.

Loading times will likely be faster thanks to a 12X over 5X DVD drive. Does that mean that Halo 2's infamous texture draw in problem during cutscenes will be "fixed" on Xbox 360? I hope so...

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