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Hi guys, I sold fifa 08 a few weeks ago and now missing it abit. Not sure if I should try Pro Evo this time around, just wondering if the game is working fine now?
Also can i get a second hand one and ask for a new code of online?

Cheers fellas :thumbsup:


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I like the game, yes it does have it's faults (slowdown, rubbish graphics) but it's still a fun game IMO and still plays like PES. Dont even go near taking PES online as it's complete rubbish.
Theres a demo on the PSN network so give it a go.
Im playing UEFA at the mo and I do like it alot. I didn't gel with FIFA08 but the tweaks to the new one have worked for me. First FIFA game I have purchase for years and I mean Years (1998).
I think if you get a second hand copy they would need to give you their login details which is stupid really.

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