Better connections for winning

Mark 1971x

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In what ways can i speed up my connection, i have recently moved onto 20 gig broadband, this has helped but want even more improvement.

Unique Geeza

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have you ever heard the phrase.... "Its the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight.." :D


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I get it, good one, nearly had us fooled, this is a funny joke!!

The ping on a 20 meg connection is going to be the same as an 8 meg connection at the same property!

You want to get a business line, they have a lower contention ratio which means less people share the same hub at the exchange.


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Practice, Practice, Practice.

On COD4 and Halo there are plenty at the top of the leaderboards with average to poor connections. Plus playing in a party with all helping each other helps hugely.

With 360 games being Peer to Peer, the connection you have isnt that important as the connection the party host has.

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