Better Call Saul Season 1 Blu-ray Review

1080 jawbreaker

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hows the pq compared to Netflix 4k?
Looked simply amazing on 4k Netflix. Be interesting to see the two side by side. Perhaps a little article comparing them. Sure to fan a few flames lol


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IMO this is a disappointment after Breaking Bad, which was always going to be most likely anyway, as Simon states at the beginning of his review.
The best episode was the one revolving around Mike and his relationship with his son and his son's wife.
The character of Saul Goodman worked so well in BB because he was a part of the general BB craziness and tension and conflict but as a main character carrying the show he is too one dimensional and predictable.
The script writing is simply not up to the exceedingly high standard set by BB, which is not surprising.
Breaking Bad = 10/10.
Better Call Saul = 6/10.
Hopefully it will improve in Season 2 but it needs to do so very quickly, IMO.


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It took me more than half the season to get into this show. Wasn't exactly grabbing me from the first episode like BB did. That being said, I am looking forward to season 2!


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Personally I thought this was brilliant!
The scams he had pulled in the past were hilarious and some of the scenes in the last episodes were gut wrenching and totally convincing.
I really cannot fault this at all, But then again I did not go into it expecting breaking bad.

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Does this release feature the uncensored versions as per the US release?


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It takes a few episodes to get going but i thought it was awesome, would also be interested in a bluray vs 4k article.

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