best xbox connection for projector?



Would is the best way to connect up my xbox to my projector?
From what i hear, this is supposed to be pretty good.

The only issue is that although my unit is chipped, it was one of the first units out, so im not sure if using the Enigma boot disc to enable NTSC/HI-def playback will be possible. Even if that was the case, im still looking fr the best connection possible with normal res games through my chipped machine. WHich this device still work if i wasn't able to turn my PAL unit into an NTSC one with the aid of the boot disc?

My scart connection is gonna be used for my gamecube, s-video will be for the PS2, and my component is for my dvd player, to enable progressive scan. This pretty much just leaves my VGA connection free, which i was told is the best connection method for the Xbox.



I use component to Sanyo Z1 & plasma & via this lead :-

At £7.90 it is a cheap alternative to the Hi-Def pack (sold at for £29.99)

Difference is there is no Digital optical output so no DD 5.1 int AV receiver but a great way to get Hi-def working for next to nothing to see if you want to plump for the full MS Hi-def pack.

Quality is good and very noticable difference between 480p & 480i on 37" Panasonic Plasma & Sanyo Z1 - much brighter and crisper image - better colours.

I see that your component connections are used but you could use this lead to connect 2 devices.

No experience of VGA adapters so sorry that it`s slight OT but it is potentially a way of solving your connection problems.




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I have used both the x2vga and a component progressive connection with an AE300 projector and I cannot tell the difference between the two. The x2vga is an excellent product, far, far better than the usual cheaper VGA adaptors on the market. You do need to run your xbox in NTSC mode to stand any chance of getting it working though. The x2vga also has an optical output for 5.1 surround etc....


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if you are in london check in game stores, i bought a component adapter for the xbox while i was borrowing a projector and tried to get it to work, i couldnt on the pj i borrowed coz it was too old and didnt support any of the formats needed. Anyway i tried it on a mates and it worked like a charm, it cost £12.99 i think - it was unofficial but it supported s-video/composite/component/optical5.1 all very well. Id advise it to you, i bought mine from brent cross in nw london but i dont know where you are from so check the net for your nearest store.

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