best x box deals....


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Looking to buy an X Box with one or two games, anyone got any ideas as to the best deals at the moment as it seems to have gone up since christmas.


probably worth looking at 2nd hand at the moment - the best deals all seem to of dissappeared :( which is typical as i left it too late to get one myself.

Bought a 2nd hand one of these here forums :)



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Cheers for the sugestions guys but I don't really rate the games in the bundle mentioned and second hand is a no go as it's a gift. Any other suggestions glady received though.


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Game and toy "R" us seem to have decent instore offers and you can always swap the bundled games and haggle.


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check if amazon are still doing their xbox for 119.99 with free project gotham racing ... got to be the best deal around ... otherwise AFAIK game are still doing their halo/mm3 bundles on their website


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Thanks to those that replied, just a quickie to let you know that in the end my local independant store came up tops with.....
X Bos and s pad
Midtown Madness 3
Rainbow Six 3
All for £150 which I was q happy with, good on em !.

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