Best & Worst CBeebies Shows

Boo Radley75

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Which do you find the best and worst for you and your child? I'll rate these with a P for parent and C for child rating.....

Hey Duggee! P-5 C-5 - what can I say, just awesome! My daughter's favourite and the one that I could happily watch alone, too .Alexander Armstrong narating is brilliant, so inclusive without making a deal of it (the gay crabs and adopted squirrel)

Waffle the wonder dog - P-0 C-4 - I loathe everything about this! A talking and intelligent dog that is a complete sh*t is everything I hate and a bad example. The family, I just want to punch into next week too! Actually feel sorry for the baddie cat lady next door. Daughter loves this though.

Justin's House - P-4, C -4 - Justin Fletcher is a special guy, kids love him, he is inclusive, kind and lovely. Robert the Robot is awesome though!

Molly and Mack - P-1 C-4 - Moria can stick her whistile where the sun don't shine! Really annoying songs and kids, only saved by Raven (yesterdays childhood) being in it. My daughter loves it, though.

My World Kitchen - P-4 C-3 - Ainsley Harriot narrates us through kids from different backgrounds cooking up their local dish. From a Suffolk Fish and Chips to some sort of fish curry from the Caribbian, this is lovely and educational. Daughter still gets a bit bored from time to time, only gets attention back when Ainsley says "mix it, mix it, mix it!"

Andy's Dinosaur Adventure - P-2 C-4 - Andy works in the Natural History Museum, in the dinosaur department. He is terrible at his job. Fortunately he has a time machine grandfather clock that lets him go back in time to collect dino parts, every time he f**ks up and destroys some s**t at work. Erm, that's about it.

Any other Andy Programs - P-1 C -4 - Andy messes up at work again and uses some other supernatural powers to cover it up. Same s**t but not nearly as cool with no dinosaurs.

Pablo - P-3 C-3 - N Irish kid has autism, can't talk but draws imaginaray animals with various autistic traits that help him out with his autistic anxiety. I have autism too but still find it a bit patronising. Pablo's mum is hot, though!

Tinga Tinga - P-3 C-4 - old African tales told by various African animals. Quite good except one episode where some hyena thing keeps shouting "mooooon honey!!!!!" So annoying.

Go for a Walk with Ranger Hamza (or something) - P-3 C-4 - Ranger Hamza is a lovely bloke and great with kids. I wish I had the skills to make such boring stuff, captivating, for kids. I have taught my daughter about loads of interesting wildlife on walks and in the garden. Hamza seems to capture their attention more with "look at that bench!" kind of stuff.

Our Family - P-2 C-4 - You know when you are nearly passing out just doing the minimum to feed your kids and keep them reasonably happy? Along comes this show with smug parents who seem to do their best to shame you and spend their whole life giving their kids the most perfect time while still holding down a good job and ultra clean house. Just fudge off!

Topsy and Tim - P-0 C-3 - Like "Our Family" except the kids are far more annoying.

Teletubbies - P-0 C-5 - Just fudge off! Children are addicted to this, parent do their best not to kill everyone and anyone, watching this!


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I'd happily watch Hey Duggee on my own. The tadpole episode and stick insect episodes stand out.

I thought I'd hate Sarah and Duck, but it's actually rather good and gently surreal.

Jojo and gran-gran is okay but has the best theme tune of any kids tv

Postman Pat - special delivery service. So many questions: Why does a small village Royal Mail depot have access to an aeroplane and a helicopter? Pat can fly both of them and carry out aeronautical repairs, so why is he a postman? Why does he only ever have one item in his van? And why is he so crap at his job?


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Can’t stand “Bing” but where is Rasta Mouse?


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Surprised no one said Maddie's Do You Know. Always learn something, plus even if you don't Maddie's very errrr smiley

Tom Davies

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Surprised no one said Maddie's Do You Know. Always learn something, plus even if you don't Maddie's very errrr smiley
My wife HATES Maddie. Specifically the way she scrunches up her nose when she smiles....
Strangely, I don't have a problem with it.

Justin sucks
Andy is great

Katie / Grace's Amazing Machines has a theme tune by The Darkness which is a win.

Jessica Noir

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Hey Duggee! might well be one of the finest British TV programmes for it's generation. Positive, inclusive, witty and full of parent-friendly references and jokes without beating you over the head with it. The River Badge which goes from The African Queen to Apocalypse Now is ingenious.

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