Best wireless router for ps3


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Hi all,

I'm getting a PS3 in the next couple of days and I was wondering what the best wireless router would be best to connect to my computer that can get the quickest speeds and is most suitable for ps3 online gaming?

I am currently with virgin connecting at around 5mb and only use a standard usb broadband modem. I only use my pc which is upstairs and my ps3 which will be downstairs (approximately 30 metres away).

Thank you.


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You'll be lucky if you get a wireless connection 30 metres from the router. You'll have walls, floors etc., in the path which will all reduce the signal.

Have you considered Homeplugs, which give you a network over your mains wiring? The range of these is greater than a wireless connection, they're more costly but relaible in my experience.

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