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Best wireless 'N' modem router?


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Just wondered if anyone had bought a 'N' wireless router which they thought was particularly good or had good reviews please? Will be connected via Virgin for the laptop and xbox 360 (which has 'N').

Thanks in advance!



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I'm using the Linksys WRT320N, which is dual band but not simultaneous. I've been using it since April and am currently using all 4 ports. It's cable broadband but not Virgin (faster :thumbsup::thumbsup:). Attached to the ports are a Sony blu ray player, Devolo homeplug (to give fastest web to an iMac in another room via ethernet), QNAP NAS, and a Sonos ZP90. I also run a MacBook wirelessly or via ethernet/Devolo wherever I happen to be in the house.

Wifi reception throughout the house is very good and the Linksys has run without any problems at all apart from when I was getting interference from other local users - changing channel sorted that. Highly recommended, to the point that when Linksys finally releases the new higher speed simultaneous dual band models over here (they've been available in the States for weeks), I'm seriously thinking about upgrading.


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My friend used to run a computer shop, but had to shut down due to the competition (PC World etc) and he rates the Linksys. I've got a US Robotics (b & g) which is fine when it works, but has been difficult in the past and the customer service was awful. Netgear seem to get good write ups. Guess I need to know exactly what I want from it, as I've been reading that the newer ones can have storage devies attached to them. Too much information!!
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