Best wireless headphones for films?

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Apologies in advance as new to the world of headphones.

Looking for a pair of immersive headphones for watching films. Currently leaning towards either a pair of Apple AirPod Max due to Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos support or possibly the Sony XM4s which are a bit cheaper.

I know true surround sound is unachievable with headphones but I'd like to get as close to a theatre experience as possible so a set that is compatible with Dolby Atmos sources is a must I suppose.

Any suggestions welcome.
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Better to look at it from the video services or video source perspective, with limited exceptions

Sony XM4 and '360 reality audio' - not aware of TV or film services the supports this yet. Music, yes

Apple AirPod Max and 'spatial audio' - a serious option if you subscribe to Apple TV and/or already purchase iTunes video content

Atmos - a limited number of Yamaha receivers output Atmos to headphones.

Otherwise the only dedicated Atmos headphone I know is the expensive JVC Exofield and reviews seem mixed (the above post about the Sony Atmos model is discontinued so listings are old stock being sold off or second hand)

Atmos for Windows software - if you use a computer for your video source this is an option


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There are the Dolby Dimension headphones, however, I believe these are only available in the U.S, but can be imported.
Then you have the Sony MDR-HW700DS 9.1 headphones which come with a 4k passthrough receiver.
I would personally stick with big stereo headphones that can give you a hifi experience. The apple Airpod Max are good, but my Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless are better for half the price in terms of sound.

For cheaper headphones, you can try the Creative Theatre headphones, or something like the Shure Aonic 50.

It depends on what you intend to connect to, what you intend to watch, budget as I have headphones for all different uses.


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Spatial Audio/Atmos is also available via AirPod Pro and AppleTV4K.

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