Best wife friendly 5.1 speakers


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And you are not allowed to say Mission M-Cube, as I have a budget of approx. £500.

Any recommendations? I am looking to replace my cheap panasonic speakers and want some smallish speakers that will not dominate the room (16ft by 11ft).


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Kef Q series. I reckon they're one of the best looking speakers around and are not too shabby soundwise either. My other half doesn't mind them at all.


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assuming you have an amp to power the speakers and a sub, Monitor Audio R45 cubes, £80 a cube, so 5 would be £400...if you dont have a sub tho then this leaves you with a slight lack in

if you do have a sub that would make do for the meanwhile tho, you could save up a bit more to get a better one in the future......(or if you buy the MA's from sevenoaks and chuck on a sub then not only will you be able to try and get some cable chucked in free but they do a 12 months interest free plan which i've used


Wharfedale Daimond 9HCP, Award winning 5.1 setup. Or you could get 2 pairs of wharfedale Diamond 9.0 the 9CC center and a BKXLS200 for even higher WAF, slightly over your budget but the sub is a lot better.


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There are some yamaha YSP-1s available for that sort of budget as it is currently being replaced by the YSP-1000, if its too big at just over a metre long then maybe have a look at the YSP-800. Not exactly what you were after but may do the job without dominating the room and has massive spouse acceptance factor.



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Canton CD101 are very wife friendly see forum powerbuy for more details............
and whats the best price on a YSP1 (that series) anyone has seen?

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