Best ways to get the best sound?


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Hi my knowledge of sound connections is basically poor there's that many ways and settings. Can anyone give me any tips on setting up a sound board? Was thinking about getting the canton dm 50. Does it prouduce sound which will make you sit up and be impressed by explosions and gun shots etc?

Which is the best way of connecting my sky box, bluray and ps4? Will you get good sound by just connecting your sound system to your tv by optical or will you loose any sound detail? Or would you reccomend to connect directly to the source as connecting opitical from sound system to the sky box or bluray player? Also which is the better connection analogue or optical? One last question do you have to tamper with your sound settings such as Dolby, pcm and dts? Thanks for any advice.


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Canton dm 50 is a soundbar. It can deliver clear sound, but you wont have the complete immersion that you get from a 5.1 or 7.1 Home theatre setup.(you can see the difference just by googling).

Canton has in-built bluetooth in it, so you can connect your tv and bluray player to it wirelessly (if they are having in-built bluetooth).
As of now, PS4 cannot able to connect to the bluetooth speakers(you can use optical).

With Canton you wont notice much difference with the audio content as it is a single bar with virtual surround.

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