Best way to watch hd 3d movies with out a 3d blu ray player ?


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I have a panny 50st30, an Xbox 360 (attached via 1.4 hdmi), and both connected to the Internet.
I am loving the gaming, especially 'Avatar the game' and all the little 3d arcade games, but I would l love to watch 3d films as well. I will end up getting a 3d blu ray player I guess but for now I am not going to buy one.
How could I watch hd 3d films either via the xbox or straight from the tv?
I was thinking getting some 3d films offline and putting them on a USB or is there a soon to be app that I could watch some 3d films on e.g. Netflix or vudu ?
Would love to know your thoughts or what you are doing...


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Watching HD (3D or not) movie online is really not feasible.

A 3D BD player is now very cheap, and remians best way to watch 3D movies, but 3D BDs are not though prices have come down rapidly with many on special offers.

If you have access to ripped 3D movies (about 8-10GB each) then an HD media player (£50-100) is the best way to watch.


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sony no, if you have a samsung 3d or lg yes because 3d tecno is from 2010, sony is a cuestion of copyrights

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