Best way to upgrade every 12 months?

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So far I have had every version of the iPhone on release day. I have managed to sell the old ozone and recoup the cost of buying the new one. However this time I am tempted to keep my 3GS and also upgrade to the iPhone 4. I usually always go on the 18 month contract. Has anyone found a cheaper or better jway to upgrade on a yearly basis?


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I have a plan. Im one year through my two year 3GS contract. I plan to sell my 3GS now and hopefully get around £350. I will then use that to buy a PAYG iPhone 4 estimated price £550-£600. So outlay there is around £200-£250. Next year when my contract is up I will sell iPhone 4, again hopefully getting around £350. I will then use that money to take out a brand new two contract for iPhone 5. Presuming that will cost around £200 for the phone thus leaving me with a profit of £100-£150. I would then just repeat that cycle every two years. Does that make sense??


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Already have o2 broadband but currently use an Orange PAYG SIM with a Blackberry.

I usually always buy my handsets SIM free so what I've decided to do to ensure & get the unlimtted data is:

  • Buy an iPhone 4 outright (assuming similar pricing to the 3GS)
  • use with a 12 month iPhone Simplicity at £15/month for 300min & unlimitted text/data/wifi plus added the £2/day PC tethering option for rare occassions I'm away on business with my laptop.
  • Get the £5 rebate off my Broadband for having an O2 contract

So I'm effectively only paying £10 for the contract, plus a further saving as I'm currently paying £5/month on my Orange PAYG for the Blackberry service which I will cancel.

For me, I'll only be paying an extra £5/month over what I pay now for the 300mins & unlimitted data/text :thumbsup:

Just hope the handsets no more tha £550 now :confused:

Also customer service have confirmed i can transfer this over to the iPhone 4 but they would send me out a micro SIM. Seems best way to avoid the data cap on the new tariffs (for 12 month anyway).

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