Best way to switch SOnicStage Library to a new pc?


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I need to switch my SS Library off my work pc and onto my new home laptop. My albums are all CDs tha tI ripped using SS 3.2 without any copy protection.

So, what is the best way to do this? I currently have a folder containing a backup of my songs made using the SS backup tool. I also have another folder with my actual SS album folders/files in it.

Should I copy the actual SS folders onto my new pc and import them using SS and the filescan import option? (Will this keep the albums organized and other info?)

Or should I copy the backup folder over and restore that using SS?

Will either of these methods lead to DRM problems?



If you have many compilation albums and playlists, the backup created by SS backup tool will probably be a better option. Reimporting the songs will organize them only as much as their tags permit. I don't think playlists are in the tags, and for some reason compilation albums also lose their marks. But I don't know if the backup tool makes any difference in terms of DRM. You won't have any DRM issue with your actual song files.
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