Best way to split aerial in living room


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I have an aerial going into the living room, i'd like to split the signal so that it can go into the TV and into the PlayStation (PlayTV), what's the best method of doing this as I've read a few posts saying the Y connectors are no good.


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A decent quality splitter (metal cased with f connectors) will be fine if your signal is not on the weakish side (don't buy the cheap unscreened plastic ones) If you have signal problems a simple plug in one in two out amplifier will do the trick.


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While I must agree that a metal screened splitter is best, those with F-connectors might be difficult to impossible for non-diy-capable persons. (Not that I'm saying david isn't, of course ;)

I think you can find screened coaxial splitters to suit the standard TV plug and socket we use. Ideally you should ask if they are low-loss inductive or the resistive type when buying.

In the non-diy case with an f-type splitter, by the time you've bought the relevant f- to belling-lee tv style adapters, a mains set-back distribution amplifier with low gain is almost the same money.


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Cheers for the advice, yeah I should be able to fit those, i'm guessing they're the same to fit as the normal plugs on co-axial cable. Gonna try this one first 2 Way TV Aerial Coax/Coaxial Signal T Splitter - Metal on eBay (end time 15-Feb-10 20:44:52 GMT) though, if it's rubbish i'll get the F type connector

They are easier to fit than belling lees

How to fit F Connectors to coaxial cable

You don't need the grease for internal connectors

Can't say if the splitters any good they don't quote any insertion loss figure. A good one is about 3.5DB loss.

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