Best way to spend £200-300?

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ive currently got some yamaha nsp110's hooked up to a sony str-dg820 amp

fairly happy with the sound quality, i have some rear wall mounted brackets for the rears but somehow ive broke them trying to do a bodge :oops:

the room size is around 4mx4m

so i thought i may aswell look into getting a complete new speaker kit.

can anyone recommend the best way to spend my money.

so far i've considered these packages

Yamaha NSP285 Black | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds

Jamo A102 HCS5 Black | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds

Boston SOUNDWARE XS Black | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds

Onkyo HTS3405 Black | 5.1 Package System inc. Speakers excluding DVD player | Richer Sounds

Tannoy SFX5.1 Black | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds

im also very interested in the cambridge audio minx speakers, as i cant afford the whole thing in one go, i may juast buy a few speakers here and there, i saw the minx sub in richer sounds birminigham and it looks tiny, is it powerful?


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The Onkyo set is actually a speaker and reciever together so probably not what you are looking for since you have a working reciever.
The Tannoy SFX are a popular choice for Sony recievers so well worth a look. The Jamo set are well regarded but often recommended for warmer recievers like Denon/Yamaha. hence if you wanted these make sure you demo first to ensure they sound OK. My brother in law has the Bostons with an Onkyo reciever and they sound pretty good as well. You could also keep your current sub and then just upgrade the other speakers (maybe for the CA Minx). Have you also considered just upgrading the fronts for now? Maybe something from the Wharfedale Diamond 9/10 series or Tannoy F/V series? This will give a significant improvement over your current speakers. You could also consider the Monitor Audio BR! AV package from Quantum for £300 although again they are often recommended for warmer sounfding recievers so may not be the best match for yours.

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You may want to consider the Canton Movie 60 CX or the Canton Movie 80 CX, both fit within your budget and I think you will be impressed with both the build and audio quality. Speaker choice is so very often highly subjective and depends on many variables such as room dimensions and furnishings, but these two sets are worthy of consideration.


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I've recently gone through a similar exercise, although in my case one of the main priorities was discreet front speakers, so as a result I have auditioned / bought and tried the Bostons, the Tannoy SFX (in silver) and the CA Min 10's. For TV and movies they are fine, but if you want to listen to a lot of music, then I found all these speakers too thin as front speakers. Don't get me wrong: I think that they do a fantastic job for their size, and the clarity of all was excellent, but ultimately, you can't deny the laws of physics. In my house in stereo mode (well, in 2.1) using the same Tannoy SFX sub, the CA Min 10's were marginally "tinnier" than the Tannoys, but the Tannoys were no match for my bookshelf speakers from a £100 mini hi-fi system in terms of depth and musicality, although it was clear that they (the old bookshelf speakers) weren't as precise. The earlier suggestions are all popular choices. I ended up going for the QA 2010's at the front, partly because of my wife (they come in gloss white so are a bit more discreet in our decor), partly because of price, but also due to the reviews that they got from both critics and users alike. I did keep the CA Min 10 for the rears to keep the wife happy. In total the 5.1 setup cost £310. Room size is slightly larger than yours, but no problem filling it with good sound to my ears.
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