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    David A

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    Hi All,

    I've got the following kit:

    Yamaha DSPAX2 av amp
    5 speakers (no sub yet)

    Toshiba 36ZP18Q TV
    Toshiba SD220e multiregion (firmware 1.5) dvd
    and Sky digital

    Whats the best way to join them all up. I've also got a cd, md etc but these will just be connected using phono cables.

    Should I use components or RGB scart, I guess digital from dvd to tv - but optical or coax?

    I'd obviously like the best sound and pictures from both sky and dvd (its not a Sky + by the way)

    All ideas and input gratefully recieved.

    Also I'm in the US at the mo flying out tomorrow am so if you can reccomend quickly I can buy the cables cheaply over here!!:D



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