Best way to set up a small website


I'm looking at setting up a small website for the wife.

Basically she's started doing peoples nails as a hobby but wants to set up a small website where she can add pictures etc.

I've just had a quick look online but got lost quite quickly.

I'm no whizz on a computer so want something fairly straight forward to add pictures and text etc.

Do I need to register a web domain?
Are there are fairly good free hosting companies I can try for now?

Thanks for any help


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This can be done totally free of charge, or you can add money to make the experience better. Just search for 'free web hosting' and you'll find loads, and a few '10 best free hosts' lists.

Going for free, you'll most likely have some or all of the following things which aren't ideal:

* Limit to total size of website
* Limit to traffic (amount of data users can download per month)
* No individual domain name - i.e. she'll end up with something like
* Adverts placed on the site by the host.
* Lack of features like SQL databases, perl, python servers.

For a small site the first two shouldn't be much of an issue. Registering a domain eliminates issue 3. Some free hosts might not add adverts, that'd be a case of choosing the right one. Issue 5 shouldn't be a problem for her either - they'll have the basics she needs.

A lot of hosts will have different levels of service, ranging from free, to a few better options.
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You could consider a facebook page,

i) Social interaction, liking, sharing - build a community, friends of friends etc..
ii) Zero setup for photo sharing, announcements

The Dude

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+1 for the Facebook page.

Free and easy to setup, and facebook pages do well in search engine results.

Facebook isn't a 'closed shop', facebook pages show up in google search results, and are accessible just like a regular website.

Even if you were to setup a website, I'd say you still want to get a facebook page setup aswell, so I'd actually say get the facebook page done first, and get to grips with the 'good content' side of running a page/site before spending any money on anything.

If you decide you want a website/domain too, then look for a hosting company who offer Wordpress, as Wordpress is the way to go for any smaller business IMO, especially if you're not a 'programmer' type of guy.

Anybody who can use MS Word can manage a wordpress site. :)


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1&1 are decent. You use one of their fully customisable templates and are able to update pictures etc with no technical knowledge at all.

I'm trying to remember 1&1's main competitor who were a little cheaper but can't think of it.

I also know a couple of People who have done websites for me. One specialises in very small businesses who often don't want to spend much money on a website but see the need for one. Another who hosts a gaming forum I help run.

Send me a PM If you would like the contacts, both are 100% trusted. Not sure how much credibility I have here though:laugh:


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Squarespace and Virb are cool. Limited should you ever want bespoke SEO but I think Squarespace comes with a degree of SEO built in. My company site is on Virb, our MD even designed the site. If he can do it, anyone can!


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I recommend Wix for first timers :thumbsup:

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I used 123reg to but 2 domains - no issue with their service.

I use Weebly for design and hosting - free and easy to use with plenty of templates. They offer a paid upgrade if you want more features in the future.


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I'd second 1&1, it's what i use.

6.99 or less for a and then a bit more if you want their editor but it very easy and you can log in from any pc to edit/upload new content.


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I have used wededen and found it to be easy to use and reliable. The formatting for mobile isn't great though.
Thanks for all the great replies everyone.

I'll have a look through some of the mentioned sites and see which looks best.

Facebook seems a good idea but the wife and I came off it a few years a go and she doesn't want to start using it again really.

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