Best way to remove scratch on SR8015 Glass Circle Display


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Hi, as per photo I bought a new Marantz SR8015 AV Receiver and the first thing I noticed was the scratch on the display. I can just about feel it with my finger nail, so I don't think it's deep. How the fussy Japanese didn't notice it IDK. It also feels like acrylic material.

Is there an easy way to remove this, bar returning it?



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Return it. It isn't up to you to repair it if it was shipped to you damaged.

Otherwise you'll have to look at polishing out the scratch, which is a PITA:

Which would you suggest to be the easiest option, return it or polish the scratch out?

You'd more than likely cause even more damage by attempting to remedy this yourself!


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Your best bet as it is new is to take it up with the seller.

Whether it is actual glass or plastic removing the scratch will not be easy, glass being really hard and plastic being soft.

What does work is disguising faint scratches with spray furniture polish. It fills in the scratch and makes it invisible, but is not permanent. I learnt this back in the day when I used to make plastic model kits, polishing cockpit canopies and car window glass, disguising slight blemishes and making the plastic look more like glass. Polish containing silicone is best.

Bit and pieces from the web page below about silicone polish-
It also reduces scratches better than other oils, because of its slickness. Maybe most important in this context, silicone oil is totally inert. It doesn’t damage anything.
Fish Eye & Silicone – or, the Problem with Furniture Polish | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Just had a thought, you sure it's a scratch and not clear protective film you haven't removed.
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Thanks. I've already reported it and sent a photo to the retailer. He's contacted Marantz and he will get back to me. I will either have it replaced or a partial refund. I only got it yesterday. It's too much of an investment to not arrive in new/mint condition. I just sold my Yamaha 3060 and it was as new as when I received it.

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