Best way to produce DVDs from hi-def camcorder

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    I have to record a conference shortly and am trying to work out the best way to do it. It's just static shots of talking heads. In the future, I will also need to film theatrical shows. Again, this is nothing fancy, just a locked off shot of the whole stage for archive purposes.

    Ideally, what I'd like to do is get a new hi-def hard drive or SD card camcorder so I don't have to worry about tapes etc. I'd like to go for hi-def because it is the future and the camcorders seem to have better optics etc which, from what I've heard, give better results even when viewed at standard def.

    But the problem I have is I don't know of an easy way to make (standard def) DVDs from the footage. There's no editing needed other than chopping it into suitable chunks. The only way I know of to do so is via a PC, which I'd like to avoid. I think it will take ages to render the high-def files to standard def DVD.

    Is there any way I can do this using a hard-drive DVD recorder without analogue connections? I prefer Panasonic kit but I don't think it can be done. None of their hi-def camcorders can record in standard-def, and I don't think the SD card slot on their DVD recorders is compatible with cards containing hi-def files. I don't mind using another manufacturer if it presents an elegant solution. For example I think some of the JVC HDD camcorders have firewire outs which could feed a DVD recorder.

    If I forget the hi-def idea and get a standard-def SD card camcorder, could I then stick the cards in a suitable DVD recorder and do it that way? I think it will work! But I'm not sure how good the image quality and low-light performance of standard def SD card camcorders is.


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    Hi def camcorders don't necessarily have better optics though.That is camcorder specific and consumer grade camcorders are limited by price and size as to what you get from them regardless of whether they are Hi def of SD.
    I hope your conference will generally be well lit. I would suggest you " borrow" a decent tape model as a backup
    Why so? It will take time but not " ages". besides for a one off conversion you can leave it overnight and go to bed:)

    No..unless you use the hi def kit to record SD in the first place
    Certainly this is possible with Sony but not Canon or Panasonic AFAIK

    DVD recorders cannot read Hi def files ( and cant play them as it happens)
    Tape ( HDV) can be recorded as Hi def but captured to PC or Settop recorder as SD but then you didnt want tape though did you?
    They have firewire out but do they output HDV as SD to a DVD settop recorder as the tape model do.I dont really know
    Do Settop DVD recorders tend to have SD card slots?. I havent seen one
    Besides I think that DVD recorders would normally take DV AVI or analogue as input to create DVD video, not mpeg2 from SD cards which they might have to reencode
    For the same reason as they dont have usb slot for output from HDD camcorders
    Im not as sure but will be delighted for you if it works :)

    It would depend on specific model I guess but I wouldnt test them in low light and expect fantasic performance
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