Best way to organise photo album


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My photo album is quite big 4.5Gb and most of it is rubbish, whats the best way to go through it and delete rubbish, and place photos films into folders.

Cant be the best way is actually on the iPhone can it?

You cant even make folders on iPhone can you?

I dont have Mobileme BTW.

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why don't you sync/import into your computer and then go through it? and then re-sync the ones you want on to your iphone and I haven't split up my photos in a while but I remember on the old 2G I could split into albums (on the computer and then sync back to phone). That should still be the case for ip4


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When the phones plugged in to the PC by the USB cable as well as appearing in iTunes it will show as a drive in My Computer. Double clicking it will show you all your photos\videos that are on there.

This allows you to move things from it to your computer or delete stuff quite quickly. In terms of organising it all it depends what you are wanting to do. If you are wanting to keep it all on the phone it may be worthwhile setting up some folders on the PC, organising your photos\videos into them and then via iTunes setting them up to sync which will organise them on both the PC and the Phone plus giving you a back up of them.


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What folder does iTunes sync pictures to in Win7

I got my itunes set to sync all pics, but cant find them on my pc to arrange them

My itunes is set to the default 'my pictures' but in my 'my pictures' folder there is no pictures
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Just checked, im in the right folder, but all there is is a folder called 'iPod Photo Cache' and in that a file called 'Photo Database' but no photos?

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