Best way to mount A-Lens on ceiling


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I have a relatively high ceiling (~3m) and need to mount an a-lens on a sled in front of my projector. This means I need to drop a column about 60-65cm onto which my sled will be attached via a customised Chief RPA mount. The column will be attached to a Chief ceiling plate.

i.e. it will be

Chief CMS 110 (8" square) ceiling plate
~2' threaded column
Chief RPA mount

I have an extremely keen interest in this mount being fixed extremely firmly to the ceiling as it will be literally right above my head, the downside of having the best seat in the house :)

I'm not sure atm where the joists are but I know the PJ column is mounted between the joists (I didn't install this) & google tells me joists usually run from the front of the house to the back.

I do not want to mount this between the joists like the pj as I think I need to be able to adjust the exact position of the lens hence I'm thinking I need to add a larger piece of wood to the ceiling and then attach the ceiling plate to this. To do so, I'm thinking

- attach a pair of battens across 2 joists
- screw a larger square of plywood to this
- attach the ceiling plate to this plywood square via some bolts to ensure it stays attached

Sounds sensible or there is a better way?

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