Best way to link a DVD, BR and speaker system.


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Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, my friend has a HD Panasonic TV linked to a Panasonic DVD player which has a surround sound system into the back of the DVD player. She now wishes to buy a BR player but the surround sound doesn't seem to be compatible as the BR will probbably have an optical in for the sound (I think) is there anyway to link the two so she only needs to replace add the BR and not replace the surround sound as well?


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What is the surround system, and what inputs does it have? How is the DVD player currently connected to it?

The blu-ray player will probably have a selection of audio outputs, at least two of the following:
Optical, coaxial, HDMI (yes, it carries audio too), analogue (stereo only unless it's a particularly expensive player).


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Its likely you will need to use optical as you say, though it may vary depending on exactly what models you have.

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