best way to hook up system advice needed please


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Hi people
Im hoping for some advice on my system,let me explain briefly what i have
Daewoo plasma screen
Pioneer DVD/AMP combo


Media center pc
Telewest cable box

Basically I have it set up this way as i want as little clutter as possible in the living room except a dvd to save having to go into other room to change discs

At present I have the cable box direct into media center which is
connected via s-video to plasma (although the lead is almost 15m long,the display quality I get is very poor compared to in my bedroom where I have a basic(60pound from argos) "digi sender" which outputs direct from the second scart on the cable box.my first thought is could I get a second digi sender reciever and connect this to the plasma eliminating the long cable run ? if so how would I over come the issue that the plasma has no scarts yet the digi sender only outputs to scart ?is trying to get a control box/tuner for the plasma to give me scart inputs also allowing RGB from my video the answer if so where from ? any other ideas would be much appreciated as Im looking very forward to being able to watching a much better quality image on the plasma.
Im also looking for a better quality way to conect the dvd to the plasma as at present its only on composit output as the plasma has 1 s-vid input

Sorry I know there are a load of questions here but would be most greatfull for any advice


Videosenders are composite only, the picture will be total s***e on a Daewoo plasma with that. You need to send it something better. What inputs do you have? Best option is probably component video, that won't mind a medium long run, up to 10m say. If it's further you need to think outsiide the box, video over cat5 cable perhaps. All adds to the cost though. I think your VGA port will not sync at video frequencies, eliminating another good option, shame.
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