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I am currently using a BT Home Hub which is located at the other side of the room from my TV/AV setup. Any wires across/around the room are a big no no so when I needed to get BB for Sky Anytime+ I purchased one of these : Tenda W150M. This has worked great with no issues thus far but I have recently purchased a smart TV (delivery tomorrow :clap:) and that leaves me with a problem. The Tenda only has one lan port which is currently being used by Sky so what is the best way to add another port? Do I need to look for another wifi bridge (with more ports) or can I add a switch/splitter to increase the number of ports?

Apologies if this is a bit of a noob question, I have tried to look it up but I just get confused :confused:



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You need a little ethernet switch. Little 4 port 10/100 switches are less that a tenner these days.

Avoid so called "splitters" - these are really cable misers that don't give you any extra ports.

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