Best way to get Dolby atmos content.


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Hi all

I'm setting up an Atmos system and would really appreciate advice on best ways to get Atmos content.
My setup is Denon avr-x2200 and Dali Zensor speakers with Dali alteco atmos speakers and BK sub.
My Samsung smart 4k TV does not have earc.
I have a now TV stick, Ps4 and sky q box.
I subscribe to Netflix premium and amazon prime.
I've done some research but found it quite confusing what would work best.

Thanks in advance


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A great solution is the Apple TV 4K if you want an "out of the box" solution.
It supports Dolby ATMOS content (via Netflix, Amazon, iTunes movies etc) and would just be another source into the back of the 2200.

Be sure to setup the ATMOS channels in the amp setup menu :)



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You could also look at something very simple like the Roku Premiere as it supports Dolby Atmos and the streaming services you wish to use are available on it

As you have a PS4, you should look at this thread to although I'm not 100% sure if everyone managed to get their PS4's working with Atmos (don't worry about it being a different amp as it's the PS4 settings that matter for the output on this side and as the manual has been provided above, just check what settings you need there to)
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Don't worry about not having eARC as all streaming services use lossy SD Dolby DIgital Plus with any associated Atmos metadata. This can be passed by HDMI regardless of whether it's eARC or standard. No broadcaster uses HD audio.


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I am looking to find a streaming box as well.
I use a JVC projector , Marantz sr 7015 avr and Kef Reference Atmos speakers.

I use a xbox one most of the time but occasionally when i watch TV streamed through a Humax freeview the sound and picture seems better, seems the xbox compresses it too much?

If i were to look for a more modern Streaming freeview box ,with Atmos ,if they do it , what should i be looking at .


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I was having difficulty decoding Atmos, and after doing my due diligence, I went in to buy the Apple 5th Gen. While at the store, I saw the Roku Ultra (my second choice) was only $70 US, so I took a chance and bought that. After setting it up, I am amazed at how much easier and better the Roku is than the apps I had been using from the TV and provider (AT&T). I don't know if it is better than the Apple, but I can say it was much less expensive, Atmos decodes and sounds great, and am very pleased with the ease of use.

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