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Best way to do this?


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I am getting married next September , outdoors at a historic venue. Something my fiance and I would like to do is have our favorite music on a record player before the ceremony. I want this music to be audible to guests when they get to the bottom of the slight hill they need to walk up to get to their seats. The total length of the space I would like for the music to be audible is about 100m. It does not have to be LOUD down at the bottom of the hill, but just a bit audible.

I am COMPLETELY non-technical and after doing some reading, it sounds like this may not be possible at all.

Could anyone help me with how this MIGHT be possible? I was hoping not to lug some bulky,70's hi-fi up the hill but rather do a smaller, lighter weight record player.



A Sonos system might work well for you here.

A few Play 1s spaced probably every 20m or so up the hill, all connected and playing as a single speaker. Then you could stream the music to them. You'd have to run power to each, but extension leads should be ok. Four speakers should see you right, you might be able to do it with fewer.


Another option would be something like:
A raspberry pi, with a little audio card on it (I can go into more detail if this sounds feasible), the analog outs into a few of these: Finished TDA8954TH HIFi Class D Stereo Power amplifier 100W +100W amp | eBay - maybe four or them.
Then run the speaker outs via loooooong speaker cables to speakers arranged down the hill. You can pick up cheap speakers on ebay for £20 a pair. Speaker cable is cheap too. I can't guarantee how well it'll work, but you do a proof-of-concept in your garden for <£200.

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