best way to convert my DVD collection into AVI files on my PC?


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I have the correct disc drive etc...

all i need is the best software for importing DVD's, preferably directly into .AVI format.

free software would be a bonus, but i'm willing to pay.



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Two programmes needed here - both free!

DVDShrink -

This tool rips the DVD to DVD Files (VTS/VOB/BUP) onto the PC. As the title suggest it can "shrink" the image to fit onto a 4.7gb DVD-R, but you can also rip at full size (whatever that might be on the particular disc) without compresison. Other options include the ability to rip the entire disc, extra's, menu's etc, but also to rip just the main feature film. You can also select what audiotracks you want (stereo, 5.1 DD, 5.1 DTS, english, alternate language, or combinations, etc)

After you have done that, use AutoGK -

Converts the VTS/VOB/BUP files to a single AVI (XviD or DivX compression). You can choose bitrates, file sizes, and select what audiotracks you choose to include (from whatever was ripped from the DVD)

Obvisouly AVI's don't posess(sp) the ability to include chapter or menu's, so with DVDShrink you want to just use the "ReAuthor" feature to rip only the main feature.

Personally I rip the main feature film, select only the DD or DTS track, then in AutoGK I convert using variable bitrate (video) with a fixed width of 1024 (cos I view on CRT, this means most anamorphic 16:9 films will use all 576 lines) and specify a target filesize of 1400mb - which ends up as about 1.36gb (basically double that of the "typical" 700mb AVI that became popular because of CD-R's) Larger filesize allows it to use better bitrates, hence a nicer image on screen) I think you can go to a max of 2gb per AVI file, but of course you could split the film into two halves, 2gb each = 4gb, but thats down to how much sotrage space you have!


FabDVD HD is the best I've found to rip DVDs to my hard drive. Link

It doesn't alter the files so you will need a player like VLC to play the .vob files. Link

If you need to convert the files to .avi the the latest version of Super works well. Link

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