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Best way to convert Apple lossless to FLAC?


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Probably DBpowerAMP, although i also sometimes use Foobar2000.

Foobar and DBpowerAMP can also add replaygain (none destructive volume levelling), which i suspect might be your next question ;)


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I tried to use dbpoweramp but it kept failing. I tried a few others but they all failed too :(

Turns out the itunes rip from CD to ALAc was poo. There were bits missing in the header info which itunes was happy not having but all the converters needed.

It meant I couldnt convert my collection. I've had to re-rip the CDs into flac using dbpoweramp.

It was an old versions of itunes either, this included the latest version with some new CDs I had. Also, it wassnt every track either some times all tracks were fine, sometimes one or two tracks wouldnt convert. they played fine in itunes. There were problems streaming to roku but I assumed it was a naff wifi connection but now its probably the alac to wav conversion that was failing.


I can't seem to find the option for replay gain in dBpoweramp. Can a kind soul please help?

Open dBpoweramp CD ripper. In the bottom left hand box you will see 3 headings marked 'DSP' 'Encoder' and 'ID Meta' (they are written sideways). Click on the one marked DSP. The box to the right will says 'Add DSP/Action' - click on this. You will then get another menu box - move your mouse over the 'Add DSP Effect' and the you will see a larger menu box with the Replay Gain you need.


EDIT: If you don't have the DSP tab I believe you need the paid version of dBpoweramp - at least you did when I bought it.


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yes the batch convert has it too. You select the files you want to convert and the next screen that appears has an 'Add' button on the bottom to add the dsp effects that you need - I use Volume normalize

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