Best way to connect Regza/DVD/Sky/sender


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Hello all,

I have just bought a Toshiba Ragza XF TV. I also have a Sony DVD recorder (RDR GX7) a Sony Sky box and a One For All wireless sender. I really need to Sky box and DVD connected to the sender for viewing in another room.

I understand fully about using quality cables but I get confused with the best way to connect all of these items for the best picture quality.

Could you please tell me in detail the best way to do this. (I am a numpty :confused::blush::confused:) The picture quality isn't a main concern for the Tv that receives from the sender, the main one is the new Regza.



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It would really help when asking questions like this if you could list the connection options on your devices since you can see them and we can't :)

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