Best way to connect PS3 to TV and Home Cinema System!


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Greetings Peeps.

Not been on for a while, but am after some assistance please.

I ordered the PS3 on Friday (the Woolies deal posted on HUKD!) and have a few queries about connectivity. Have had a quick look through the forum's but can't find anything specific!

Basically my kit is: -

Panny PX60
Panny HT855 Home Cinema (upscales DVD as well)
Sky+ (soon to be replaced by Sky HD)

OK - at the moment, I have Sky connected via SCART to the PX60, Sky connected to the 855 via Optical, and the 855 connected to the PX60 via HDMI.

I have a number of Component connections on the PX60 free, as well as another HDMI socket.

Now, the question is the best way to wire my PS3 into that lot!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking of connecting the Ps3 via Component, and leaving my 855 connected via HDMI and saving the other HDMI for when I get Sky HD. But I thought that might be a waste, so might as well put the PS3 through HDMI and the 855 through component.

But, that leads me to my other problem, which is the audio connections.

I think the PS3 only has Optical out, so how can I get Surround Sound when playing Blu Ray through the 855? I think it only has one Optical in, which Sky+ currently uses. Can I get a splitter?

Any advice would be appreciated from any learned Forum members!!!!

Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to read, and hopefully respond!



you can see im my sig what i have

mine connects like this

ps3 to tv via hdmi

ps3 to denon amp via optical

i play most of the time with the sound through the tv using hdmi

if im after great sound or watching a blu-ray ill change the sound to come from the denon cinema system

but you have to go into the ps3 options and change the source of the sound

if you have the panny then why you not using hdmi?

if you want to upscale your dvd's through the ps3 then you need to use hdmi cables

i no longer use my denon to play dvd's i use the blu-ray as it upscales and is better


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Thanks for the advice chaps - I found a similar Optical spliter at Maplins, but that one is cheaper!

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