Best way to connect my HTPC to a LG LCD TV

I have just bought a HTPC and am wondering which is the best way to connect it to my 32" LG LCD TV. The video card in the HTPC is this: SAPPHIRE HD 3650 512MB DDR2 PCI-E

The TV only has 1 HDMI socket (old TV), and that is being used by my Sony DVD recorder. The other connections are component, s-video and scart.

I will be watching normal DVD's and .avi files as well as listening to music.

To my (uneducated) mind I think the component connection will be the best bet. Then again would it be worthwhile getting some kind of HDMI splitter so i could use that connection?

Lastly, I'm looking to do it on the cheap, so please, no suggestion of gear that costs hundreds!!! :D

Well, over to you all and many thanks in advance...
you dont have any component outputs on that PC I suspect so without some additional hardware you are stuck with VGA (from the DVI socket using an adapter), DVI or HDMI. HDMI/DVI (which are basically the same except for the sound) are you best bet - so its time for a HDMI splitter/switcher or a new TV.

how are you getting sound - via the TV speakers or an external amp ? Its worth mentioning as DVI and VGA do not pass sound so if your using the TV speakers you will need a secound cable for audio if you use either of these. HDMI does as long as it is enabled on the PC graphics card (which that one you have says it does)
Thanks so much for the replies ;)

That splitter looks fine - will quality be degraded if 1 HDMI is 'shared'?

Regarding sound, I will want to connect to an amp (not surround sound - only a hi-fi amp), so HDMI is the way to go I suppose. But I was also going to connect the Creative X-FI sound card in the HTPC to the same amp. Would that pose a problem with the HDMI source?

Thanks :smashin:

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