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My current setup is a 2tb Sky-Q in the living room connected via ethernet to the Sky-Q Hub router.

In the master bedroom and kitchen I have Sky-Q mini's connected via WiFi which I *presume* are acting as WiFi cells in Sky's mesh-like setup to extend the wifi.

I am planning to grab a self-install 3rd mini that I wish to put in the attic. The WiFi signal in the attic is terrible but there is an ethernet cable going there straight from a switch connected to the router.

I was wondering, if I connect the 3rd mini via Ethernet will it still act as a WiFi repeater (I also want WiFi better in the attic for phones/tablets etc...)

I have a feeling it won't but I was wondering if anyone could give me a conclusive answer.

If it helps, I also have a spare Sky-Q Booster that I could throw into the mix as well.

The layout is :

Ground floor : Sky-Q 2Tb and Sky Hub in living room - Sky Q Mini in kitchen (connected via WiFi).
First Floor : Sky Q Mini in bedroom (connected via WiFi).
Second Floor : Attic where I want WiFi signal and Sky-Q.

It's worth noting that the only reason I am thinking of getting the 3rd Mini is to extend the WiFi - I am not really bothered about having Sky TV up there. So if anyone could think of a way to do it using just the spare Sky Q Booster then that would be perfect.

(I also have some TP-Link repeaters unused as well but these tend to offer a different network name and the close proximity of the networks sometimes confuses the devices as to what they should connect to).

Perfect solution would be to connect the Sky-Q Booster (ee120) via it's ethernet port to the router via the existing cable and allow that to extend the WiFi however I don't think it will work in that configuration.

BUT having a skim around the web I sort of getting the impression that the SkyQ Booster actually works via a PowerLine type system to connect to the Sky Hub although that I could be very very wrong.

It's the highlighted sentence in the attached screenshot that implies this (the bit about the extension block reducing performance) but I can't find any conclusive proof.


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