Best way to connect an old Rel Sub???


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I have an old Rel Stygian, that uses an XLR connector to the amp. It was originally designed to connect in with the front 2 speakers (It's about 10 years old, designed well before Home cinema etc.) I currently use it like this in my 5.1 setup and have the subwoofer information diverted to the main speakers. It works pretty well, but I was told by someone i should connect it to the amp to get the maximum benefit. The problem is, when I have connected it to the amp through the phono connector, the bass is nowhere near as powerful (Even using most of the subs 100W amp!) And my room isnt exactly large.

Have I got the cable wrong? I know it isnt ideal to go from XLR - Phono but I don't know any other way :confused:

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I've never heard of this Stygian. If it's that old it may not have the necessary phono socket on it to connect to the sub output on the amp.


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It's basically the first Rel sub, same specs as the Stadium I i believe, 100W mosfet, 2 10" drivers and big! :)

It only has an XLR output, thats the prob.... I can get sound out if i wire up XLR to phono, but not exactly alot, maybee i'm not doing it rite? It does have crossover controls, I have it set around 60-70Hz at the moment, I think it's pretty good how it is, it's soon going to be paired with some Evo 3's so I think everything will be cool :)

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If I remember rightly the Sterling was the first Rel, Does the XLR input read Pin 1 Left, Pin 2 Right, Pin 3 0V ?. It's years since I,ve seen one so need the grey cells stiring. Does it have an XLR High level in?

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