Best way to connect a Wharfedale Diamond 10 MX-Sub to a stereo amp and speakers?

Martin Coogan

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I am putting together a home studio. My amp is a stereo NAD 310, 30w (@4 Ohms) per channel, into a pair of JBL Control 5 speakers rated at 175 watts each, with a frequency response of (± 3 dB): 75 Hz to 20 kHz.
I have bought a 150 watt Wharfedale Diamond 10 MX-Sub to hopefully cover the frequencies below 75 Hz.
My PC audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i4) has two stereo outputs. I have one going to the amp, and the other is connected to the line level RCA inputs on the subwoofer. I have the crossover set at 75 Hz.

Oops, accidentally posted before I'd finished...

Would it be better to:

1. Go into the line level inputs as now, and then go from the subwoofer line level outputs into the amp? Would the crossover then block the sub-75 Hz frequencies from going to the speakers?

Or 2. Send the speaker output from the amp to the subwoofer using the speaker level inputs. If so, how do I get the signal to the speakers?

The Wharfedale manual isn't very informative...

Thanks for any help offered.



  • WharfedaleDiamond10Series101UsersManual454505.117351168.pdf
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  • nad-310-user-guide-001-007.pdf
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  • JBL_Control5_specsheet.pdf
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I think what you're already doing is the best option for you.

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