Best way to clean speaker units (Dali Ikons)

Scotty Pro

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Hi all
after a bit of advice on how to clean the speaker units.

I have Dali Ikons as my front end for my Home Cinema system and after removing the covers to do a little "house cleaning" I noticed that the rubber edging part of the speaker has attracted a lot of dust.

What is the best way to clean it without damaging the rubber, I don't want to resort to heavy handed methods like hoovers etc ;) or is it best to leave them alone and just keep the covers on to hide the dust.

Scotty Pro

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If I haven't made myself clear about what I'm trying to achieve I have highlighted the rubber bit in orange in the pic below :D

Scotty Pro

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A damp microfibre cloth should be fine on that region of a speaker.

thanks :smashin:
just plain water OK or should I use a mild soapy solution ?


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Also, a soft bristled paint brush would work. If it is just dust, you shouldn't need any type of cleaning fluid (soap, whatever). You might consider a dusting product like 'Endust' though sparingly, and only if necessary.

A paint brush will have more give to it than cloth, and should sweep the dust away easily.



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I'd agree with the paintbrush. I wouldn't go introducing any moisture, not even a damp cloth.

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