best way to burn 40gb of music to dvd??

Johnny Utah

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I have a hard drive with 40gb of music on and what i would like is to be able to burn all of this on to a series of dvd's as backup.

I realise this is quite a straightforward task but i'd like a program to automate it a little. I'd like to just present the program with a a 40gb list of folders and click burn.

The only intervention from me being to insert a new dvd when necessary.

This way i don't have to set each disc a set of folders to the size of 4.7gb each time.

I'm not fussed what kind of order the folders are burned in, alphabetically will be fine!

Any ideas? :lesson:


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I know that ImgBurn has a queueing function available, but to what extend and how in-depth it is I don't know.


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To be honest if you have a old/spare hard driven then you're better off buying a usb enclosure for it and backing up to that.

Even if you don't have one 60gb external drives can be had for less than £30 on ebay and so a little bit more than the cost of the dvd's and neccessary software but far simpler and quicker.

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Nero has "backup" capabilities which can span multiple DVD's.


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I think WinRar and WinZip allow you to span media - they used to! I think you just set the file sizes and it will ask you to insert the next piece of media as it fills each one. Possibly, you can get it to create all the DVD size files on your HD first then you can simply copy them to each DVD manually.

Johnny Utah

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Thanks for the suggestions.....

I've discovered that iTunes of all things has this feature and it seems to work quite well. It makes a record of what you have previously backed up so next time you do it, you only get the new files not recorded last time!

I'm gonna keep the hard drive suggestion in mind though once the collection gets too big. I'm sure i have a 120gb kicking about in the loft somewhere.

Thanks again.

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