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Best way to allocate budget £'s ?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by alfieginger, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. alfieginger


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    Morning all,

    I'm getting the keys to my new house next week, but don't need to move in straight away. This gives me a great opportunity to install a plasma and surround system before moving in.

    My dilema relates to which plasma to go for, I can afford a pioneer 434 but at over £1000 more than the PW6 / PD5200 would I be better off going for the panny/hitachi and upgrading my DVD player. I'm currently using a pioneer 656 dvd player, but was considering an upgrade to the denon 2900.

    I'll be running wires through the walls and plastering over the top, so I'm really keen to make the right decision !!

    I have also demo'd the new Yamaha screen, but at £3600 (£4000 list) it's more expensive than the 434 and I believe is virtually the same display as the PD5200 !
    The yamaha, although not immediately attention grabbing and quite poor close up, gave a very natural looking picture from around 10ft away - the sort of distance I'll be viewing from.

    Like others on here, I'm not sure of the benefits of the higher resolution panels in the real world, and also the benefits of HDMI etc. At this point if I go for a screen that supports HDMI or DVI I'll need to run an expensive cable through the wall that won't be of any use to me until I upgrade my DVD player later.

    So much to consider, but not that much time to make a decision - I could really do with making a decision quickly as I want to get installing next wed's/thursday !!

    Any help greatfully received !!!

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