Best way of connecting DVD recorder and VCR with loopthrough iDTV


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I've got a Sony 32nx200 iDTV. It has loopthrough with a patchlead as well as the 'normal' RF lead. It has 3 scart sockets. AV1 and 2 are RGB. The AV3 is smartlink enabled which helps the video.
I've just got the new Panny EH60D. What is the best way of connecting it all up so I can still record using either the VCR or the DVD without each thing being on. The aerial goes into the TV now (normally (without loopthrough TV's) it goes to the video doesn't it? - with the RF lead coming back to the TV)
I was thinking
AV1 TV -> AV1 DVD Recorder
AV3 TV -> AV1 Video
AV2 DVD Recorder ->AV2 VCR
Aerial into TV. Patchlead to DVD. RF lead back from DVD to TV. But that leaves the VCR without RF. But it will have SCART.

What do you think?
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