Best VCR under £200 - Heard good things about the JVC HRS5955


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I want to purchase the best VCR for under £200. And I've heard good things about the JVC HRS5955. What I need is reliability, great picture and sound, and flexibility and features, but particularly great picture and reliability.

Many thanks for your help.



I paid £170 for my JVC HRS6700 SVHS ET, It gives u very good recordings and has the abilty to give you SVHS recordings on a standard VHS tape with the ET mode. No problems with it at all and it's a nice pale gold.



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I would avoid the 5955 like the plague. A nasty cheap bad quality machine.

I ordered one and sent it back almost immediately. The picture quality was awful, the build quality was very cheap. Picture quality was marginally better than the cheap Matsui unit I was replacing. svhs and svhs-et were both awful.
You can't even see a tape counter on the unit itself!!

I got the panasonic 830 instead and it is a great machine. Well worth the extra 20 quid or so for a machine which is much better built and has much better picture quality.


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My JVC 5955 is fine for the money, but its only used in emergencies when Shy+ is in use on something else and I use very occasionally as tuner. Its not the best VCR I've used I agree, it replaced a £600 Panasonic which died now that was a brute.

If I was going for a VCR to record from the telly and I use sky my first stop would be Sky+, I hate paying for it but could not do with out it now its great. The quality is unbeatable.


Do not buy cheap model !

I have a top of the range JVC HR-S9700 for £285, RPR £550....

Top build Q-ty, gold plated connectors,.....etc., if you have a good source, it will give near DVD recording/play.

The media is very cheap...

Get it if you are lucky...

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