Best ValueForMoney projector for programming, web-browsing and youtube? .66" or .47" chip?

I’m interested in rmore resolution for the money. Especially for using the screen for programming/browsing web. I did some comparison in store on the Acer H7850 and Epson tw7400 (0,47" chip). When watching fullscreen movies it's hard to see the difference on 0.47" and 0.66” chip, but when small text or browsing web everything is smoother. For this I definitely think it’s worth it having the more pixel dense 0.66". Making your projector great for general purpose use.

I was looking at this to be the best deal currently for people that want to try next gen sharpness at affordable price. Many 4k advertised projectors try to "hide" they use a cheaper 0.47" chip instead of the dobble size 0.67" chip.

I was considering a "laser LG HU80KA" or the "Epson tw7400" like this but I end up deciding on this one because of the 0.66". I think more color & contrast from the other models won’t impress me much in day to day use, but the extra pixel-density/sharpness/res makes it possible to use the projector like a work monitor in my Man Cave.

Optoma UHD60 was on my list for a long time but the Acer seem to be a good cheaper alternative to Optoma UHD60 often on sale and the xxxx-BD version with 3d support and better HDR. I have ordered the Acer now. Please let me know if i should return it and get the UHD60 or this LGHU80KA. I have spend months comparing for the best deal.

My current best value for money deal:
Acer h7850bd (eu), 0.67” chip, 1500-2000$, 1.6x zoom, 10% vert tiltshift, light/compact/low noise, cheap replacement lamp.

My usage profile:
30% YouTube (not fullscreen),
10% Fullscreen movies (what most test the projector for),
30% Web browsing (small text),
30% programming (very small text).

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I'm not sure why the focus is on the TI chips. The issue with them is mainly the light border around the screen.

The TW7400 is not a DLP, it's 3LCD, no TI chips.

You'll need the sharpest projector around, a 4K, and bright.

Viewsonic PX7474K.
Optoma UHD51ALV/52ALV or UHD370x/380x outside north america, UHD60, Optoma UHD3200A.
Benq TK800, TK800M, TK850.

The Viewsonic is probably the sharpest of these models.
Get whatever is cheaper.
My conclusion is because of this review where the optama uhd60 has a 0.66" TI chip that can show details the other cant because they use the 4x e-shift (.47") instead of 2x e-shift. The 0.66" does only need to do 2x e-shift to reach 4k (ie. less blur on details, more independent pixels).
Since the Acer 7850bd has the TI 0.66" chip and often 500$ cheaper than uhd60 i assume this give you the biggest bang four your buck when you want sharp detail. The other x4 e-shift will make small text blurry.

Please correct me if i'm wrong. What would be a better alternative for my usage?

@noob0101 thank you for your input!
The viewsonic use a .47" chip and 4x e-shift.
How can it be sharper than uhd60 with .66" and x2 e-shift.
(Have in mind i will be looking at small text and high contract image can be perceived sharper in a movies but it is actually not sharper if the small text is more blurry. ie less pixel resolution. The above video illustrates this very well. I do not need perceived sharpness via high contrast, i need real sharpness via high pixel density. E-shifting overlab pixels and therefore loose detail in small text but on moving movie image it will be very hard to see and high contrast has higher importance because contrast creates a higher "perceived sharpness")

Sidenote: Good e-shift article. Last image shows the difference on x4 and x2 very well. In german though.
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Perceived sharpness is more than pixel count. It's also quality of lenses, zoom used, seating distance, source, visual acuity, contrast, fabric of screen, settings used (keystone, sharpness settings/4K enhancements).

What is the seating distance?

What fabric will the screen be?

Room? Ambient light?


I don't know if the 500 Euro extra is worth from a PX747 4K or TK800M, which are pretty sharp to begin with.

Not sure if Optoma/Benq has refurbished stores in the EU, that would lower the cost more.
This video also illustrates the small difference:

Here is a very relevant projector comparison of similar models, slightly better version better very similar 0.47" epson, 0.66" optoma:
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Seating distance i quite close same a width of screen. 4k source. Normal sharpness settings this is artificial sharpening and will not work on small text.
So i got the Acer and no regrets so far. Clean and sharp just as expected. Colors are more than enough color and sharpness i great. Now my eyes are the limit not the projector.

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