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Firstly, can I say this is great source of help for a newbie like myself. I would not know where to start otherwise. Thanks !!

I am moving away from the world of CRT Televisions and into Projectors and screens etc. I have gone through all the threads, and I have not seen answers to my needs, so I thought I'd ask the question! I hope I have put this request in the right place!

I am looking to buy a projector, and I am down to the Runco CL510LT and the Sim2 Domino 20. It will only be used for DVD and Sky.

Whilst there is a difference in price, I would be grateful for your thoughts as to whether the difference is worth it. I have heard great things about both machines.

Also, a concern is the screen. I am looking at a Da-Lite Electrol Matte White 1.1 gain 1.78 ratio but never having the image bigger than 67" x37", and watching 12 feet away. Is this a good product to buy or is there a better alternative. I have yet to get a quote for this.

Any help greatly appreciated............



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Paul, if you are viewing from 12 feet away I would say you could go a bit bigger on screen size to a 45"x 80" if you have the space and if you have the throw.
I'm not familiar with the Runco but know the Domino well and the throw ratio is 2.2:1 to 3.1:1
In other words if you multiply your chosen screen width by 2.2, you will get the closest siting of the projector lens and if you multiply by 3.1 you will get the furthest location of the lens.
Conversely if you know the position of the projector and screen, you can work out your max and min screen widths by dividing the throw by 2.2 and 3.1 respectively.
If you go for the Domino then a screen gain of 1 to 1.3 will be fine


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Thanks Jeff,

I have limitations on height, hence the width restriction.

My concern is more about getting the best value, and have not seen any head to head comparisons with the Runco and Domino. Additionally, I know nothing about screen companies and which ones represent the best product for the money.

There seems to be an incredible wealth of experience in this forum, and would welcome any thoughts,



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