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Best value DivX DVD player & recorder?


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My parents currently have a Sumvision SV-1000; the player itself is okay, and the compatibility with DivX/XviD is very impressive, however, there seems to be quite a few bugs, and the interface isn't particularly user friendly so I'm not really sure whether my parents like it or not. This was just highlighted by the look of disappointment on my dad's face when he realised the batteries had died in the remote, rather than the player itself dying. :)

So! I'm after a new player, that...
1. Represents good value for money
2. Has good DivX support
3. Records DVDs without breaking every other one like the Sumvision
4. Has a nice user interface

Things that'd be a nice, but not essential...
1. USB pen drive support (would save me keep burning discs)
2. Nice aesthetics
3. HD upscaler (not too fussed, they won't be getting HD in the foreseeable future)

Any suggestions would be very welcome, they really won't use the player very often so I guess something that does the job at a low price point would be ideal.



sony 770 would fit the bill nicely , if you can find one at the right price ( an 870 would also be ok too but dearer )
but you would still be putting divx onto disks for it


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Many thanks for the recommendations, I've just tried to find a 770 and didn't have much luck, found a few 870's although I think it's overkill a little bit maybe, since it has a hard drive (we already have Sky+) and costs ~£200


thats why I said the 770 , some ppl have found them at £150 in tesco home stores , and if you google around you may find one cheaper than that

any model in that range will do the job , 770 , 870 , 970 and 1070 , but they all have hdd which is well worth getting , even with sky plus , as you can archive to hdd , edit , then burn to dvdr


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Thanks once again, but I'm not really sure if the HDD is worth it - like I said, they want something that's got a simple user interface and the HDD potentially adds an extra layer of confusion.

It's also a lot more than I thought they';d cost, my parents watch a DVD probably once every other month, so spending £150 on a player doesn't really represent good value for money. On HUKD there were a few Phillips/Toshiba players posted not too long ago that were around £60, so I was thinking ~£80 should get something quite decent.


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Pioneer are the best on the market at the present time !

I would definitely recommend a recorder with a hard drive it's a lot simpler to use than recording to a disk

Just record the program, watch it at your leisure, then delete it, use it like a PVR

The occasional program you wish to keep can stay on the hard drive or be burnt to a blank DVD disk

I'm probably a similar age to your Dad and I went into this very thoroughly recently

I bought a Pioneer 550HX-S an excellent recorder ! :thumbsup:

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