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Best-value amp for MA Gold


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I'm trying to get the best value out of the system. Here's the thing, I've got my speakers, and the last thing I need is my amps. With the monitor audio golds, I wouldn't want to get anything less that wouldn't do justice to them. (Sorry for the double negatives). And I wouldn't want to get something too expensive since I'm on a budget. I was told that the golds are pretty hard to drive. Or rather it takes alot to bring out it's true potential.

HT(5.2.2) and stereo(2.0/2.1) setup:

MA gold 100 (LR bookshelves)
MA gold C350 (C)
MA bronze fx (fx)
MA pro 65 (Atmos)
SVS SB2000 x2 (subs)

I'd need dts:x and atmos for my movies and I'm slowly getting into music listening. Mostly 2.0 and 2.1 for EDM/rock. Not sure if stereo amps could do 2.2.

1. I could get Denon x7200 at the same price as x6300, but not sure if x7200 would support next gen's audio decoding formats. The audio encode/decode world is moving so rapidly, every year there's a new format!

2. Or. I could get Denon x4300 for audessey XT32 and processing support (Atmos/ dts:x/ streaming). And add a power amp like Emotiva XPA. This setup is almost the same cost as going for the standalone x6300.

3. Or. I could get Denon x4300 for the same reasons, and get an integrated amp, for stereo. I think both the gold 100 and sb2000 could be driven by 2 different amps. (1 amp at any 1 time). Might be looking at Hehe H80/160, but damn, it's really expensive.

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I guess you know that a Denon 7400 is due out early next year? The full specifications of it are not yet known, but it is likely to have some additional features over the 7200. Or, possibly the price of the 7200 will drop then.

I would agree that a Denon 7200 would be a better option for a 5.2.2 set up than the 11 channel Denon 6300.

If you have the space for multiple devices, then a processor and power amp(s) is also a good option, but expensive. So, using an AVR as a processor, and possibly to run some of the surrounds / atmos speakers, then adding power amps to give extra headroom for the main speakers, (via pre-outs) would be a good compromise.

With regard to value power amps, you could look at the pro audio amps made by Crown or Behringer, they are very cheap and pack lots of power, are mostly transparent sounding and although not aimed at the home cinema market they can be used for that, if you don't mind their looks.
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