Best uses of Foxsat + Media Server


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Ok - I have "jailbroken" my Foxsat-HDR using Raydon's Media and File Server - I have Twonky installed and can stream recordings off my Humax box to my Win7 PC via XBMC. Great.

Now - what awesome uses are there?
Who has done what?

I need an answer for my wife's "Well done - now what?" question.

Pics, suggestions, show-offs or pointers to existing threads appreciated! (I searched but can't find any).



I shall watch the answers here with interest.;)


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cheers bwblackett ... a good start.

I'm wondering if anyone has any different ideas - other than display TV on another device.

It just seems that there are some really good additional extras other than just watching recorded TV on another device. The idea of centralising music, video and pictures into one location etc ...

Interested to hear how others have tied multiple sources into one place more than how to send one source to multiple sources.

Or interesting implementations of the set up - I saw a TV/projector in a coffee table. That's a good start!



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It's difficult to use the Humax as a central device because the HDD isn't large enough.
My Humax is just part of my Multimedia network:-
2Tb NAS (hold all films, music etc)
Samsung TV (can play most things on the NAS + recordings on the Humax)
WDTV Live (on bedroom TV) (plays everything on the NAS and the Humax)
Various laptops/iPads (plays everything on the NAS and the Humax)

Anything on the Humax that I want to keep is copied to the NAS.


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The main uses for this jailbreak are only streaming video to multiple devices up to 7 at once (Ipad, Iphone, Appletv - any device with ability to play back video from a upnp)

it's also able to stream divx to directly via twonky to upnp devices.

It's also able to steam internet radio via twonky, this allows me to stream it when using a xbox360.

Your able to drag footage directly from your humax then chuck them onto DVD's as backups, videoredo is one of the best at doing this - you can basically remove adverts and stick the footage onto a dvd in only minutes.

Your also able to RIP your personal DVD's - then using a program called AV2HDR will allow you to store for playback back through the humax, on mine I have 274gig of kids movies and 386 gig of my movies.

Your able to browse the Media on the Humax through your web browser, this will allow you to Rename or delete stuff.

Something that's been hinted as worked on is the ability to set recordings through your web browser, some of the guys have hinted about this and hopefully touch wood will eventually port over.

Hard Drive upgrade to 2TB is also the way forward giving you a total recording time of around 495hrs.

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