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I bought rtd123's H56 last week (cheers mate), at the moment im just having a mess about with it, its on the dinning room table firing at a white wall the only imput is composite through a video sender, not ideal but it dont look bad.

My question is when i come to set thing up for real which wont be till september:( how should i best make use of the pj.
Ive got a pio 757 should i be using the prog scan from it sent to the DVI or should i let the H56 do all the work?
As for sky gamecube ect the plan is to either imput then into the back of my sony 333es and send them down a component cable to the H56 and again let it do the work or feed everything to an iscan ultra and then to the H56.
From what ive read i get the feeling that letting the H56 do most of the work might be the right choice but not quite sure so would live some feedback



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the 757 was never dvi compatable, so if you connect it up to the dvi port you still will not be benefitting from dvi, as it will just still route through analog component.

personaly i would rig it up via the pc 15 pin connection and definately let the PJ do the deinterlacing and scaling as it is the superior option.

But(i see you have an i scan ultra or plan to get one)
for the very best results though id stick the dvd player through the iscan ultra as it has chroma masking. you will definatly need this feature with the 757. so send an interlaced signal to the iscan. You should get a great image then. infact stick everything you can through the iscan


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I thought that would be what you meant, but i thought i would state the obvious.

You see the iscans go at great prices second hand now, well cheap.

but i would say its main advantage would be the chroma filter on the ultra model, as its the same deinterlacer as the H56 which lacks the filter.

the scaler on the H56 is quite good


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yes your right, it makes reds look terrible, which on a small screen would be non to noticable but at the size a PJ produces, well it will look plain awfull
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